Science Learning Program

Pratham’s Science Learning Program provides a platform for children to learn by performing experiments on their own, handling various kinds of apparatuses and tools and exploring the natural environment. The intervention is designed to stimulate curiosity and help develop a scientific temperament not only among children, but also amongst the community at large.

Having started in 2005 in Maharashtra, Pratham’s Science Learning Program was scaled up in 2010 to a national level.

Objectives :

● Children should develop basic competencies required for science learning such as handling experimental material, making correct observations, identifying patterns, learning reasoning and being able to draw conclusions.

● Children should have the confidence to perform experiments and should hone their demonstration skills.

● Children will prepare experiments and models by themselves and explain different science concepts in their own words.

● The program will serve as a demonstration of the ‘Learning by doing’ method. They will learn in front of teachers, parents and community members.

Program Heads :

Jayashree Mane:
Neel M Pathak :
General Information: