A ‘Balwadi’ is essentially a pre-school that imparts education to children between the age of 3 - 5. Balwadis focus on establishing a formal pre-school environment for the children in under-resourced communities who are not enrolled in any other pre-school. This program aims to address the developmental needs of children during their formative years and make them ready to attend formal schooling system. They are run in the community itself - in temple premises, under a tree or the home of the Balwadi instructors.

The Balwadi curriculum is modeled around the development of physical ability, language ability, social & emotional ability, cognitive ability and creative ability. There is an equal focus on teacher and child directed activities, individual and group activities and indoor and outdoor activities. The various activities are planned in a way to increase holistic development among the child.

The Balwadi operates for a minimum of 3 hours everyday for a period of 9 - 10 months.

The main aim of the Balwadi program is to:

● Develop cognitive, affective and social skills

● Develop fine and gross motor skills

● Develop basic language abilities and numerical skills

● Cultivate emotional abilities

● Inculcate healthy habits and personal hygiene

● Foster creativity and self-reliance