Every Pratham program has three basic elements: it is linked to the municipal school system, it can be reproduced on a massive scale and it draws new people into its existing network. Our question to anyone who approaches us is “What can we do together? How can we collaborate?”

Tri-partite Relationship

Pratham creates a city-wide platform by incorporating the triangular partnership of citizens, corporate sector and the government in all its programs. This gives Pratham the character of an open platform for universal education.

Community Involvement

Most of the programs are conducted in open community spaces like temples, playgrounds etc. to build a stronger relationship with the community and its stakeholders. Most of the volunteers are also sourced from the communities so that the volunteers feel a sense of ownership & responsibility towards their work.

Low-cost & Replicable models

Pratham has worked to develop low-cost, replicable models that can easily spread and be adopted by other organizations. Thousands of volunteers work with Pratham to implement learning 'interventions' at the grassroots level. These volunteers are mobilized, trained, and monitored by the Pratham team.