Program details of Mumbai and PCVC

Currently, Mumbai programs are spread across the city, reaching over 90,000 children annually. Various programs conducted in Mumbai are as follows:

Balwadis focus on taking a formal pre-school environment to the slum children in the age group 3 to 5 years who are not enrolled in any other pre-school. The intervention focuses on developing cognitive, socio-emotional, language and physical development in children.

Parent Education Program
Parent Education Program aims to educate caregivers of children in the age group 3 to 7 years on promotion of healthy hygiene and food habits among kids, social and emotional development, responsible parenting practices, teaching basic concepts in math through a fun learning techniques like picture recognition, subtraction and addition through objects etc.

Urban Learning Camps
Urban Learning Camps (Language and Math) are short duration intense activities where children in Std. III to VII lagging behind in age appropriate learning levels are taught math in a focused manner through Combined Activities for Maximised Learning (CAMaL) methodology.

Science Camps
Science Camps for children in the age group 10 to 14 years are conducted with the objective to make learning science a fun experience for children. Modules on Magnets, Measurement, Sound and Light are explained through different activities, models and experiments. The team trains the children to conduct Science Fairs in the community on their own. These camps and fairs are conducted by the designated Trainer Monitors of the ward itself. The difficulty level of topics graduates from simple to easy based on the learning adaptability of the children.

English Camps
English Camps are one of the most looked forward to interventions by the children and their parents. These camps work on basic vocabulary, conversation skills, punctuation and reading skills of children in the age group 10 to 14 years.

Library program aims to reach out to all children in the community by giving them access to quality books to read. All children in the age group 3-14 years will be covered through the distribution of books. Light activities are conducted by the volunteer to enhance and sustain reading skills in children.

Program with children with special needs
Through continuous field interaction and experience it has been identified that services in the Rehabilitation sector for children with disabilities coming from marginalised communities have been farfetched as financial barriers and access to these services still remain a constrain. This is the “NEED for ACTION”. In order to bridge this gap and assist differently abled children Pratham has designed a program “Community Adoption” wherein Pratham caters to all needs of the child, keeping his/ her primary stakeholders in mind. Disability Certification Drives, Awareness Programs, School enrolment drives, Parent meetings, Corrective Surgeries for Children, Computer training and Assistive Device Camps all these services are provided within this program. Pratham is also registered with National Institute for Open Schooling (NIOS) and has received accreditation for the Open Basic Education (OBE) program through which Pratham helps children register for the NIOS examination. Most of the children registering for this examination for children with special needs and the NIOS program has helped them to avail the necessary certification by appearing for the examination.